Signals/Sigils of the Elite

Mystery of the Iniquity

illuminati_eyes_by_flov9-d6p73rtI’m crazy, I’m nuts. Just the way my brain works. I’m not normal. I think differently.
Justin Bieber
Let’s get this straight! The boy/young man was once a normal person with a normal life, but….BIG BUT…he decided he wanted to be a STAR! What happened then…well it’s not too difficult to see that the young man has issues. And what you will immediately notice is the subliminal messaging system! The powers that be…PTB…want to inject our young with these images. They start while their young…and your kids/grandkids are part of their agenda.


Major issues to keep in mind. Millions of people are watching this video! Do you think they realize anything is wrong?


Much like the I AM CAIT issue…this falls right into the category of mind manipulation.


We need to pray for him and others like him.


NOTE: Keep an eye out for the “ALIEN” references. They are important…

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